Tidy your room or else…

How many times mothers have told that to their children? I am an example myself. Having been an extremely  messy child, my mother always pointed out that I must tidy my room otherwise I would be punished in some way.

As I grew older, I started seeking the reasons why people find tidiness a must. It’s common knowledge that when one tidies his personal things, it takes him less time to find them. That’s why all those in favor of tidying, claim that when organised, things are easier. But is that really true?

Does a tidied room mean a tidied life too?

It seems that the majority of people nowadays feels more secure when there is an order of things in their life. The sense of having your personal space under control is soon transformed into an erroneous assumption that one can have their life under control as well. How possible can that be? In my everyday life, I come across people that try to tidy everything up in their world. When that fails, they end up tidying their rooms which is the only thing they can succeed in. In this way, they feel they haven’t  entirely failed to lead a correct life. But allow me to pose a question: who says what is correct or incorrect?

Ideally, the answer would be “each person says what is correct or incorrect about their life”. But since we are part of the world , we are constantly affected by our surroundings and our social environment. We feel more at ease if we behave in a controlled way instead of letting our emotions and thoughts pop up. Therefore, controlled equals correct.

That leads me to conclude that people who are messy don’t stand a chance of having at least a normal life. Tidy yourselves or fail. Oppressing isn’t it?People are still shouting at their daughters or sons:

Get married! (tidy your personal life)

Get a well – paying job! (tidy your social life)

Have kids! (tidy your maternal-paternal instict)

Lose weight! (tidy your body)

What if I don’t feel like tidying anymore?

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2 Responses to Tidy your room or else…

  1. Interesting blog. I’ve met one or two people who are very particular about tidiness. If, however, you opened their cupboards or drawers you would find complete chaos. I wonder what that means?

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