Commercials for children: Strictly regulated or even banned?

Nowadays, television exerts great influence on children especially with the commercials addressed to them. What is more arguable is that these commercials are often unsuitable for children. That is to say that several commercials encourage children to prefer junk food to homemade one and to buy more inappropriate games because of their violent appearance.

On the one hand, TV commercials have a tremendous impact on children and have to be strictly regulated and on the other hand, it is also a matter of public health and common sense that some of them should be banned.

Based on true facts, stats show that children who have bought violent games develop an aggressive attitude towards other people. Furthermore, it is also emphasized that the consumption of junk food has sharply increased because of TV promotion.

From my point of view, I don’t see any reason why some of these commercials should not be banned. To some extent, they take advantage of young children often harming their health and having a detrimental effect on their psycho synthesis. That is why the majority of children is led to obesity and “anger management” problems.

In general, I think it is advisable that TV commercials aimed at children should be firmly controlled about the products and information they broadcast. After all, they should indulge in enhancing the common welfare and not exploiting it.

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