Feeling lucky again!

I have always got on with my luck! I didn’t do anything special but I was always considered to be a lucky person. Actually, my grandmother used to tell me a story about an unlucky man. So here it goes!

There was a man who considered himself to be unlucky. In fact, he believed that all his misery came from his lack of luck. This man crossed a bridge every day in order to get to work.  One day, he decided to cross the bridge blindfold because he thought nothing worse could possibly happen than his already unlucky life. But that very day there was money on the bridge that someone had dropped on his way. The ‘unlucky’ man didn’t see it as he had decided to walk blindfold.

Feeling lucky is a state of mind. We have to appreciate the things we have and thank the universe for all the good things that happen to us. We make our luck.

That is a reminder mainly for myself because for a while I had lost my luck for good. I thought my life was going to get more and more unlucky and miserable. But then it hit me. I decided to stop whining and do something instead.

Guess what? I am feeling lucky again.

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