V.I.P. : Very Important Person! I wonder where this definition came from! Aren’t we all important? Aren’t we supposed to be all human? Is anyone superhuman? Not that I know of. So, someone please explain: when we say V.I.P. , why do we refer to  famous people or to those who have some kind of influence (money or power)?

What defines the importance of a person? Is the money that one earns? Is the influence that one exerts on a large group of people? Let me put it this way: I am a girl with little money and such influence that I can’t even persuade myself let alone a group of people. Does that make me unimportant?

I think the word v.i.p. serves a specific purpose. It places definite boundaries between ordinary and special. Everyone called a v.i.p. is automatically updated to special. At least that is what they think. What is more, we are led to believe so as well.

What does it take to get  into this list of the v.i.p.? I suppose power, money, fame. As soon as  you got those ‘qualities’ you’re in! Well done! You just earned a spot to paradise! Or not? Think about it. All those people get special treatment wherever they go whatever they do. Not all them deserve it though. From my point of view, I think that a teacher shaping the character of young students does far more important job than some singer who can’t sing well and makes much money because he showed up on TV once.

Correct me if I am wrong, but I was brought up believing that each and every person contributes to society in his own way and this contribution makes him important. No matter what is your job or where you come from, you have to be treated the same. Special treatment should apply only to those who need it such as certain categories of people with some kind of disability mental or physical.

I am sick and tired of passing in front of hotels and cafeterias, listening to people gossiping in a low voice that some v.i.p. has just arrived.

I  ,myself, am  a V.I.P. and I regard other people around me as V.I.P.s too.

Open your minds: We are all V.I.P.s!

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