Female discrimination: still alive?

Throughout the centuries, man has been treated differently according to his sex. Most of the times the sex that is underestimated is the female one. Needless to say that sexual discrimination still constitutes a major plague in several countries.

Sexual discrimination is firstly confronted in the house. As we  know, a woman is mainly responsible for doing the housework and taking care of the children whereas a man is the person who has to earn a living. Although this description may sound anything else but realistic, many people are raised with these principles.

On the other hand, the workplace is another place where sexual discrimination dwells. How many times have you not seen women’s skills and qualifications being underestimated? And let’s not forget about sexual harassment. No woman is able to react to this matter without facing the obstacle of being instantly fired!

I can go on and say many more. After all, the list is long. But we must admit that sexual racism is a problem that exists and will continue to exist unless we stop categorising  people as “men” and “women”. Both sexes have their strengths as well as their weaknesses.Man and woman are two very different human beings but they still deserve the same respect!

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