My first day to Norwich

It’s my first day in Norwich. I arrived yesterday in order to visit my sister who works here. So far things have been fine and rather cold. Although Norwich is not London, it’s very cozy and it gives the impression of a small warm town.

I am very amazed and excited with the behavior of  locals. They always say ”please” when they ask you for something and they never forget to add a very polite “thank you” at the end of every sentence. This makes me feel more welcome and at ease.

Another thing that surprised me is that buses are always punctual. When I say always, I mean always. Even if there is a delay somewhere, you hear an apologetic announcement approximately 252 times!

From what I’ve seen so far, Norwich is great. I’ll keep you posted with more details the following days.

Tell me about a trip of yours.

What things amazed you?


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