Make-up free!

I have always wondered why we put make-up on. Is it because we want to look pretty? Is it because we want to look prettier than we already are? Or is it because we want to hide our true face?

To tell you the truth, at the age of 14 I started to realise  what make-up is and wanted to try it. I even become addicted to it and ended up looking like a clown. I exaggerated and I thought putting make-up on would erase all my imperfections at once. Guess what? I was wrong.So, I thought that there may be others like me. 

Why do we need make-up? Unless it is for extreme occasions, I think it serves a different purpose from the one that it was originally made for. By putting make-up on , one gets the wrong impression that they are perfect. They think that make-up transforms them into better  people. Although some might say that it is very naive of me to think like that, I can assure you that lots of today’s girls change their attitude and behavior as soon as they put their make-up on. It’s as if  they feel invincible and nothing can stand in their way. 

From my own personal experience, I testify that whenever I was with make-up on , I felt more powerful and ready to face any difficult situations and I thought other people would see me that way. I was too scared to show my real face and confront the world. I covered my fears and emotions the same way I covered my pimples!

As I got older and got to know the real me with loads of cons and a few pros I concluded that it’s perfectly normal to be human with faults and fears. I also  realised that not everyone can like me and the cool part? That’s fine! 

Today, I am make-up free and I enjoy it more than you can imagine.

You should give it a try!  

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4 Responses to Make-up free!

  1. grandmalin says:

    I have tried it. People always ask me if I’m sick. lol – But yes, I get your point, and good for you. 🙂

  2. I haven’t wore makeup since I last wore green lipstick (I was a punki as a teenager). In my late teens I gave up on makeup. It seems a bit of false advertising to me. I am nowhere near perfect, but this is who I am. And if people don’t like it they can certainly look the other way.

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