Make-up free!

I have always wondered why we put make-up on. Is it because we want to look pretty? Is it because we want to look prettier than we already are? Or is it because we want to hide our true face?

To tell you the truth, at the age of 14 I started to realise  what make-up is and wanted to try it. I even become addicted to it and ended up looking like a clown. I exaggerated and I thought putting make-up on would erase all my imperfections at once. Guess what? I was wrong.So, I thought that there may be others like me. 

Why do we need make-up? Unless it is for extreme occasions, I think it serves a different purpose from the one that it was originally made for. By putting make-up on , one gets the wrong impression that they are perfect. They think that make-up transforms them into better  people. Although some might say that it is very naive of me to think like that, I can assure you that lots of today’s girls change their attitude and behavior as soon as they put their make-up on. It’s as if  they feel invincible and nothing can stand in their way. 

From my own personal experience, I testify that whenever I was with make-up on , I felt more powerful and ready to face any difficult situations and I thought other people would see me that way. I was too scared to show my real face and confront the world. I covered my fears and emotions the same way I covered my pimples!

As I got older and got to know the real me with loads of cons and a few pros I concluded that it’s perfectly normal to be human with faults and fears. I also  realised that not everyone can like me and the cool part? That’s fine! 

Today, I am make-up free and I enjoy it more than you can imagine.

You should give it a try!  

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Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.

Oscar Wilde

This is a question that has tortured me for some years now. I would like your opinion on this. Can friendship between men and women exist?

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My first day to Norwich

It’s my first day in Norwich. I arrived yesterday in order to visit my sister who works here. So far things have been fine and rather cold. Although Norwich is not London, it’s very cozy and it gives the impression of a small warm town.

I am very amazed and excited with the behavior of  locals. They always say ”please” when they ask you for something and they never forget to add a very polite “thank you” at the end of every sentence. This makes me feel more welcome and at ease.

Another thing that surprised me is that buses are always punctual. When I say always, I mean always. Even if there is a delay somewhere, you hear an apologetic announcement approximately 252 times!

From what I’ve seen so far, Norwich is great. I’ll keep you posted with more details the following days.

Tell me about a trip of yours.

What things amazed you?


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Trifextra: Week Fifty-Five “Hyperbole”

This is my entry for the “hyperbole” trifectra challenge. After spending half an hour trying to think of something hyperbolic, I ended up with an old time classic dialogue between a couple. Being a woman myself I just didn’t want to admit that sometimes we behave in a crazy way until recently. I figured that we tend to superanalyze things so much that we confuse most of the masculin human beings with our reactions.

For example, imagine a typical day. The woman comes back home angry about something that has happened at work, but decides not to tell her boyfriend in order to spend a great time with him. The man sees that something is off (probably from the look on her face!!) and trying to be nice and caring, starts the following conversation:

“What’s wrong?”


“Let’s go out!”

“No way!!!”

“What’s wrong, honey?”

“Leave me alone!”


“If you leave, I’ll burst into tears and the whole world will know that you don’t love me!” 

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Female discrimination: still alive?

Throughout the centuries, man has been treated differently according to his sex. Most of the times the sex that is underestimated is the female one. Needless to say that sexual discrimination still constitutes a major plague in several countries.

Sexual discrimination is firstly confronted in the house. As we  know, a woman is mainly responsible for doing the housework and taking care of the children whereas a man is the person who has to earn a living. Although this description may sound anything else but realistic, many people are raised with these principles.

On the other hand, the workplace is another place where sexual discrimination dwells. How many times have you not seen women’s skills and qualifications being underestimated? And let’s not forget about sexual harassment. No woman is able to react to this matter without facing the obstacle of being instantly fired!

I can go on and say many more. After all, the list is long. But we must admit that sexual racism is a problem that exists and will continue to exist unless we stop categorising  people as “men” and “women”. Both sexes have their strengths as well as their weaknesses.Man and woman are two very different human beings but they still deserve the same respect!

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Trifecta Writing Challenge: Jane Eyre

The two ships becalmed on a torpid sea, I believed to be marine phantoms. The fiend pinning down the thief’s pack behind him, I passed over quickly: it was an object of terror.”

Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte

I haven’t entered a  writing challenge before and I decided to do so.The 33 words I’ve chosen are from the first chapter of the book “Jane Eyre” by Charlotte Bronte. Hope you like it!

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Coffee please?

How many of you have woken up early in the morning feeling the urge to have a hot cup of tea or coffee? Well coffee for me is a ritual. I can’t even start my day without having one.

I don’t like sugar in my coffee because I think it alters its real flavour. I can drink it black or with milk. I like almost all flavours of coffee and I even spend a lot of time trying to make up my mind which flavour I should try next.

Also, the part of enjoying a cup of coffee is very important. Whatever goes into my mind stops the minute I take the first sip .It’s like the world ceases to exist and you find yourself in a state of pure enjoyment.

Then comes the companion. And by that I mean anything that could be well combined with your coffee like chocolate, muffins, brownies, cookies. Every time, you must carefully choose the right combination for you.

For example, in the winter I prefer my coffee followed by a bar of chocolate. The way every little piece of chocolate melts in my mouth after having been dipped in my cup is invaluable.On the other hand, in the summer or spring I like having my cup of coffee accompanied by muffins or cookies. It’s hilarious how many muffins (let alone cookies) I can devour with just one cup of coffee. Just when you mouth has gone a little dry because of that muffin bite, you start seeking your next sip of coffee. It’s absolutely perfect!

So tell me about you.

Do you like coffee?

Do you have your own coffee time?

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