Homemade pizza dough

Do you think that making pizza dough is difficult and tiring? I thought so till yesterday. I tried this recipe which is very easy. You can make it and store it in the freezer for whenever you feel like eating a pizza. I did so myself. So here it goes:


2 cups whole wheat flour

1 cup all purpose flour

1 cup of water

2 packages of dry yeast

1 teaspoon of sugar

1 teaspoon of salt


We mix all the ingredients together in a bowl and we knead the dough for about 5-6 minutes. We cover the bowl with a towel or even a blanket and we leave it in a warm place for another 15 minutes in order for the dough to approximately double its volume. We divide the dough into 4 balls in order to make 4 medium-sized pizzas.Once we’ve rolled our 4 balls we make our pizzas  to the shape we like. We let them rest in a warm place for about 5-6 minutes. After that, we bake them in the oven only for 5 minutes strictly. Once they’ve cooled down, we put them in the freezer. That’s it!


1. The dough must be elastic. Don’t add extra flour if it’s a little sticky.

2. The pizzas don’t have to be defrosted. Take your pizza dough out of the freezer,  just put all the things you like your pizza to have on top and  bake it in the oven at the maximum temperature for about 15-20 minutes. Keep an eye on it because it’s very easy  to burn.

I hope you like the recipe. After all, making food from your kitchen is always better than buying something pre-made.

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Children and Boundaries!


The title sounds tough. Yesterday I had a conversation with some friends about boundaries and whether they are useful to a child’s growth. Several opinions were heard on the matter. Should parents put boundaries?

One friend of mine is an only child. When she was young, her parents bought her everything she asked for and she was constantly getting presents for everything she achieved no matter how small that was (e.g. an A in Physics test). Now that she is all grown up, she can’t have a healthy relationship in her life and she seems to want things to go her way all the time. She isn’t always polite to others and she overestimates herself.

On the other hand, not all children have the same needs. There are quite a few incidents where the parents misunderstand the essence of putting boundaries and as a result  end up being very strict and even oppressive to their own children.

How can parents be sure enough that they won’t get things worse instead of getting them better?  Is there a special recipe?

Every child is different and should be treated specially and that can’t be an easy job.

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Perseverance is…

Perseverance is the hard work you do after you get tired of doing the hard work you already did.

Newt Gingrich

I am so tired today that I think this quote suits me perfectly…

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Trifextra: Week Sixty

This piece is for the trifextra challenge. So here it goes:

 The rebellion had already begun.

 We heard some sort of rustling noise.

 I looked out of the window.

 There were indeed problems.

 All I remember next, is the sound of the rain harassing my inane body.


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My trip to the countryside!

The view from my room!

The view from my room!

Just got back from a wonderful 3-day trip to a village called “Trikala”. Everything was wonderful there. The scenery, the weather, the people! During my stay, I realised that all things  were going on a slower pace. At first I thought that the locals were lazy and I was  the normal one.

But as the days went by, I started to realise that it was actually the opposite. I was forced to lead a busy life because that’s the way it is supposed to be when living in the city! On the contrary, it took me quite a while to turn my “relax mode” on.

Living in the city has many pros I must admit. And I belong to those who can’t possibly live in the countryside more than 1 month. However, I can’t stop thinking about how much healthier (mentally and physically) the people are in the countryside. The fast rhythm of the city leads me to believe that working 16 hours a day , 6 days a week is far more important than taking a long walk every morning or having a nice conversation with another person .

We have lost the very little things in life, yet the most precious ones! Although the countryside may not offer so many luxuries, it can provide you with peace and quiet, which I suppose is a big deal!

I loved my trip. It taught me that you sometimes have to pause your life and take a deep breath!

Do you ever think that life can be full even with only a few things?

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Enjoy the simpl…

Enjoy the simple pleasures in life. A cup of tea and some nice music is all you need to be complete.


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Any man who can…

Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl, is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves.

Albert Einstein

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Make-up free!

I have always wondered why we put make-up on. Is it because we want to look pretty? Is it because we want to look prettier than we already are? Or is it because we want to hide our true face?

To tell you the truth, at the age of 14 I started to realise  what make-up is and wanted to try it. I even become addicted to it and ended up looking like a clown. I exaggerated and I thought putting make-up on would erase all my imperfections at once. Guess what? I was wrong.So, I thought that there may be others like me. 

Why do we need make-up? Unless it is for extreme occasions, I think it serves a different purpose from the one that it was originally made for. By putting make-up on , one gets the wrong impression that they are perfect. They think that make-up transforms them into better  people. Although some might say that it is very naive of me to think like that, I can assure you that lots of today’s girls change their attitude and behavior as soon as they put their make-up on. It’s as if  they feel invincible and nothing can stand in their way. 

From my own personal experience, I testify that whenever I was with make-up on , I felt more powerful and ready to face any difficult situations and I thought other people would see me that way. I was too scared to show my real face and confront the world. I covered my fears and emotions the same way I covered my pimples!

As I got older and got to know the real me with loads of cons and a few pros I concluded that it’s perfectly normal to be human with faults and fears. I also  realised that not everyone can like me and the cool part? That’s fine! 

Today, I am make-up free and I enjoy it more than you can imagine.

You should give it a try!  

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Between men and women there is no friendship possible. There is passion, enmity, worship, love, but no friendship.

Oscar Wilde

This is a question that has tortured me for some years now. I would like your opinion on this. Can friendship between men and women exist?

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My first day to Norwich

It’s my first day in Norwich. I arrived yesterday in order to visit my sister who works here. So far things have been fine and rather cold. Although Norwich is not London, it’s very cozy and it gives the impression of a small warm town.

I am very amazed and excited with the behavior of  locals. They always say ”please” when they ask you for something and they never forget to add a very polite “thank you” at the end of every sentence. This makes me feel more welcome and at ease.

Another thing that surprised me is that buses are always punctual. When I say always, I mean always. Even if there is a delay somewhere, you hear an apologetic announcement approximately 252 times!

From what I’ve seen so far, Norwich is great. I’ll keep you posted with more details the following days.

Tell me about a trip of yours.

What things amazed you?


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